Special Awards and Recognition

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ASSIST Scholar Recognition


Ms. Natasha Solomon, Dean of Students


ASSIST Scholar Recognition

For the fourth year, Linden Hall has partnered with ASSIST, the American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers. Assist places exemplary International scholars in exemplary American Independent schools for an intensive year of study.   

I love this program description from their website:   

One of our goals is to create a worldwide circle of future leaders—friends who have come to know and respect one another, and one another’s cultures, by sharing a year of study and living together. International outreach begins with individual relationships; we foster these relationships through a year of academic and cultural immersion designed to affect peers, teachers, friends, family members and business associates for a lifetime. We believe that bringing together future American leaders and future leaders of other nations makes a substantial contribution toward promoting understanding and tolerance of cultures, racial designations and religious beliefs.  

Our 2020-2021 scholar came to us from Moldova and threw herself into her life here at Linden Hall, embodying ASSIST's mission to forge meaningful relationships with global resonance. Irina, we thank you for the gifts you’ve shared with our community and wish you well as you return to your families, friends and school. Please know you always have a home here at Linden Hall. We will miss you.   


Linden Hall Legend


Ms. Natasha Solomon, Dean of Students 


Linden Hall Legend

It is my privilege to celebrate the students from the Class of 2021 who have attended Linden Hall since they were 6th graders during the 2014-2015 school year. During their time here, this group of young women has excelled academically, athletically, socially, demonstrated superior leadership qualities and been true to their unique selves. They have made significant contributions to their Linden Hall Family as well as their local and global communities. I am pleased to present “7 Year Legend” awards to the following seniors:   

Lillian Chow 

Kaylee Miller 

Rocka Moragne 

Vienne Warfel 


Head of School’s Award


Dr. Nan Wodarz, Head of School 

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Head of School Award

The Head of School Award is given to a senior in recognition of her extraordinary loyalty, compassion, and service to Linden Hall.  The recipient leads by example, is highly respected by faculty and students, and leaves an indelible impact on Linden Hall. This year, I am pleased to present the Head of School award to Milly Chu.


Presentation of the Class of 2021 Gift to Linden Hall


 Ahsa Sadhukhan 


My name is Ahsa Sadhukhan, and I am the Senior Class President. I am honored to present the senior gift on behalf of the Class of 2021. There are four things to know about my grade. We sing; we play instruments; we game; and we watch tv- possibly more than we should. Chances are you can always find a few of us - day or night - practicing the piano, singing a solo, playing video games, or binging a tv show. When deciding what our donation to Linden Hall should be, we kept remembering how we bonded with one another over these activities. This brings me to our senior gift, or should I say gifts?  We are so excited to donate three new TVs to the Linden Hall dorms: one each for lower Honeycutt, yellow dorm, and green dorm. In Honeycutt, we will install two new video game consoles and replace the shelving unit for the board games. Finally, we are happy to be making a directed donation to the music department to expand the sheet music collection and purchase new chairs and music stands. Hopefully, when you walk through Honeycutt, the Annex, or even Mary Dixon Chapel, you'll be reminded of how much the Class of 2021 loves the Linden Hall community.


Enlistment in the Army National Guard: Sarah Truong

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Sarah Truong enlisted in the Army National Guard on September 17th, 2019 for an eight-year contract. She attended Basic Combat Training between June 3 and August 22, 2020. Sarah was a part of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 58th Infantry Regiment at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Currently, Sarah attends monthly drills with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, maintains Army standards while in civilian life, and also attends annual field trainings that last about a month. She will be taking a gap year in 2021-2022 to attend her required Advanced Individual Training, which begins in the summer or fall. She’s currently a Financial Management Technician in the Army and holds the rank of Private First Class. In future years, Sarah may join ROTC at Princeton or join the Army Medical Corps for medical school. Linden Hall is proud to have a student serving our country!


Spirit of Linden Hall


Dr. Nan Wodarz, Head of School 


The Spirit of Linden Hall

Linden Hall presents this award to the girl in the graduating class who in the opinion of the faculty and staff best represents the “Spirit of Linden Hall”. The recipient should be, as indicated in our Statement of Community, truthful, fair, and compassionate; respectful; and a contributor to her school and community. This year, the Spirit of Linden Hall is presented to Lillian Chow.