Co-Curricular Awards and Recognition


Community Service Awards


Community Service Awards: Ms. Ellen Bair, Assistant Dean of Students and Community Service Coordinator 


Safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have made it challenging for Linden Hall students to serve their communities. Nevertheless, they still found creative ways to make an impact through partnerships with local retirement communities, Lancaster County nonprofit organizations, and groups across the globe both in person and virtually.  
While community service is an integral part of Linden Hall’s student experience, some students continue to go above and beyond expectations. At this time, I would like to recognize students from each grade level who recorded the most community service hours during the 2020-2021 school year.   
From 6th grade – Savannah Tapfuma  
From 7th grade – Tanaka Tapfuma  
From 8th grade – Rachel Fowle 
From 9th grade – Olivia Johnson  
From 10th grade – Chichere Ogbuebile  
From 11th grade – Jamora Jacobs  
From 12th grade – Kaylee Miller


Tech Crew


Tech Crew: Ms. Christina Davis ’10, Spanish Faculty and Tech Crew Advisor 


At Linden Hall there is a very special group of girls that helps run events like Assembly, Chapel, musicals, and plays. This year was a very different year for the girls with changes to the technology we are used to using, new equipment, and some students even gave up free blocks to help teachers in classrooms. Despite the changes and challenges the girls worked as a team to learn and grow with their knowledge of technology. I would like to recognize Kaylee Miller, Ahsa Sadhukhan, Jesa Burleson, Sydney McMillin, Moran Christman, Mia Rossi, Kelsey Clodfeler, and Kelsey McMillin for their work on the Tech Crew this year.


The Brennecke Award


Ms. Christina Davis ’10, Spanish Faculty and Tech Crew Advisor 


The Brennecke Award

The M.W. “Hap” Brennecke Award is given to the student who has displayed outstanding aptitude in the field of technology. This year, I am excited to present this award to a student who has grown a sincere passion for technology in a short amount of time. With the unusual year we have had, she stepped up to run all of our assemblies with special technology and she helped provide support for teacher’s classes, the plays, and musicals. Sydney McMillin thank you for everything you have done to help the tech crew and your Linden Hall community.




Ms. Serena Heffner, Music Faculty 


Choir Award

This year’s Choir award goes to Sydney McMillin.  Sydney’s dedication to our music department is evident not only in her musical output, but in her work with audio visual.  She managed of all the music recordings for this year.  Sydney is always ready and willing to jump in with any task given.  She has grown as a musician and offers great encouragement to her section.  Well done, Sydney!




Mr. Jeff Porter, Music Faculty 


Orchestra Award

The Orchestra award goes to the underclassman that most exemplifies enthusiasm, discipline, and passion. She is supportive of her fellow ensemble members, but most importantly, she continuously sets the standard and leads by example by always making her full effort to be the best musician that she can be both in and out of rehearsals.  

This year’s Orchestra Award recipient has only been with us for a year, but she has undoubtedly left her mark on the program. I am proud to present the 2020-2021 Orchestra Award to Grace Good.


Bell Choir


Ms. Serena Heffner, Music Faculty for Ms. Marilyn Winfield


Bell Choir

The Bell Choir Award goes to a student who has stepped into a leadership role with the bell ensemble. 

She is prepared for and actively engaged in each rehearsal.  She works to support her fellow ringers in and out of rehearsal. 

We are proud to award Kathryn Meyer with this year’s Bell Choir Award.


Publications Award


Ms. Margaret Rhoades, Director of the Library 


Publications Award

552 pages, countless hours researching ideas, gathering content, guiding staff, editing and re-editing. Lunch meetings, club meetings, early morning teams meetings. The secret cover, the dedication, the special ads. Never really feeling 100% ready to hit submit. They day the staff proudly gets to hand out copies. The memories of our time together, captured forever on the page. Publications pay such an important role in chronicling this time in our lives together.  

Ahsa Sadhukhan, for the last five years you have not just led yearbook, you have served as Class President all four years, a HOBY Representative, a Student Ambassador, a member of Tech Crew, a peer tutor, a Donegal Mentor, a National Honor Society member, performer in the All-School Choir, and other endeavors. But no matter how much you did here at Linden Hall, it never changed the fact that you poured your heart and soul into Yearbook. Your passion and dedication for yearbook, as you grew from Layout Editor Freshmen year to our first ever, Editor-In-Chief, led us to win multiple awards from Balfour and to create yearbooks that we were proud of.  

Thank you Ahsa, for dedicating the last five years to capturing our memories. We are forever grateful for you. 


Ledger Award


Ms. Ligeia Jennis 


Ledger Award

COVID and technology have changed the way student newspapers across the nation create, research, edit, and publish. In the midst of world-wide changes, this year's editors-in-chief have remained calm, dedicated, creative, and diligent. They have guided new and returning writers and photographers even as they have also tried to navigate the changes the new year has brought for them. Diana Than  and  Vienne Warfel, I want to thank you personally for your hard work and excellent leadership. Ledger quite literally would not have happened this year without you.


MUN Award


Ms. Ligeia Jennis 


MUN Award

MUN is a strange and wonderful extra-curricular. It combines wonkish attention to detail with rhetorical flair and, of course, western business attire. And this year it also combined debate and research with Zoom meetings and virtual unmoderated caucuses. Heady stuff! Through it all Su Lee has innovated and led with steadfast positive determination. She spearheaded major changes to how the club prepares and competes and modeled competitive delegate zeal while also guiding her flock. Thank you, Su, for all of your work. Mr. Novick and I cannot wait to see what next year holds as well!