Department Awards




English Departmental Medal

Ms. Mara Pritchard, department chair 


English Department Medal

The English Medal is awarded to a senior who has attended Linden Hall for at least two years. Recipients of this annual award are graduates who demonstrate a passion for English through avid reading, enthusiastic participation in literary discussions, and exemplary writing. This year’s recipient is an excellent English student because of her curiosity, not just for English, but for many disciplines. In English classes, she applies her knowledge of history, art, and psychology to her analysis of texts. She can be relied on to notice historical context and identify how a text reflects or challenges its context. While studying Macbeth, this student was reminded of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, the id, the ego, and the superego. She used the psychoanalytic theory as a window through which to analyze the character Macbeth. It was a fascinating study of the influence of subconscious desire. Our recipient sets herself apart in the classroom. She may not be the first to contribute to discussion, because she first listens to her classmates and mulls over their ideas, but then she presents thoughtful, nuanced readings in a surprisingly unassuming way. She often finds connections that the rest of us missed. Because of her intellectual curiosity, outstanding work, and the way she challenges her peers and teachers, the winner of the 2021 English medal is Sarah Truong.




History Departmental Medal

 Ms. Ligeia Jennis, department chair 


History Department Medal

Every year, the Department of History recognizes the achievements and contributions of our students. This year it is my honor to present the History Department Medal to a student who has fully immersed herself in the academic and extra-curricular opportunities of our department. Kaylee Miller has pursued national and local opportunities for research. She has promoted history and the preservation of artefacts in class and in community service, on Linden Hall’s campus and beyond. From all of your history teachers, congratulations, Kaylee.


American History Award

Ms. Ligeia Jennis, department chair 


The American History Award

Recognizing that shared knowledge in American History is central for students preparing for colleges and universities in the United States and to all students seeking to understand the culture into which they are emerging as adults, one of the long-standing end-of-year academic awards at Linden Hall is the American History Award. Each year, the teachers of AP US History, US History Honors, and college preparatory US History nominate a current student who, through her diligence and dedication to critical analysis, has best demonstrated engagement with and mastery of the vibrant, complex, and continuing debate of America’s past, present, and future. Congratulations to Su Lee for winning this year’s American History Award.




Mathematics Departmental Medal

Mrs. Alyson Longmore, department chair 


Mathematics Department Medal

Hi, I am Alyson Longmore and I am the Math Department Chair.  It is my honor to announce the winner of the Linden Hall Math Medal, which is a prestigious medal awarded to one senior who has shown exemplary work and effort in the subject of mathematics. I have truly enjoyed working with our winner over the past three years. This student demonstrated strong math skills taking and excelling in Multivariable Calculus during her Junior year, which is the highest level of math offered at Linden Hall. During her Senior year, she has furthered her math studies by taking an online Linear Algebra course. She also seeks extracurricular opportunities to sharpen her math skills. She has competed in many math competitions, including the AMC test where she has always scored in the top 3 places at Linden Hall, as well as two collegiate math completions held at Lehigh University and Millersville University. At the Millersville University competition, this student played a major role in helping Linden Hall to place each year. Because of her passion, drive, and skill, the Linden Hall math department and I are honored to award Iris Yoon the math medal!  Congratulations on your achievement, Iris!  We wish you the best of luck in your future math endeavors!




Science Departmental Medal

Ms. Stefanie McCole, department chair 


Science Department Medal

All students have to take three science classes in upper school here at Linden Hall. But some students double that number because they love science so much! And then, there is the rare science student who takes all the AP sciences we offer AND also goes on to create a science-based club.  This year’s Science Department award winner did all of these things.  But this award isn’t just about how many science classes a student takes… It’s about recognizing a love of science and discovery in that student as well.



  There are many stories I could tell about this student, but I’ll start with one of my clearest memories of her, even though it reaches back years to the time she was a 9th grader in Physics. She chose to design a lab as part of an end of year project.  At the time, she was gearing up to take Chemistry and was very interested in how different chemicals will change the color of a flame.  Despite being in Physics, she wanted to design a Chemistry lab, and argued that we’d just finished talking about color and explained how interested she was in seeing how different colors can be produced in different situations. I relented, and she handed in the lab design and pre-lab questions for her “Flame Reaction Experiment.” Three years later, I watched her present on another self-designed lab, this time one that she was able to complete. I was incredibly impressed with just how much thought she had put into her experimental design. It was clear that she was planning to control every variable that was possible for her to control as she dropped things from the balconies in the dorms. And then her analysis accounted for all of the things that weren’t humanly possible to control.  Designing experiments is hard, but she was so interested in knowing the outcome that she went above and beyond to perfect hers. Her interest in learning about the world around her through experimentation has always been evident to me, and I’m sure that both Ms. Knipp and Mr. Zanar could share their own stories about times that it was clear that this student was interested in science for its own sake! It’s this curiosity, on top of her strong academic achievement in all of her science classes that has led the department to our choice today.  I’m pleased to announce that this year’s science department award goes to Julie Park


World Language


World Language Departmental Medal

Ms. Claudia Prosack, department chair 


World Language Department Medal

The World Language Department Medal acknowledges both academic growth and achievement. It is based on a student's performance, overall progress, and participation that go beyond the average course expectations, rather than just high grades. The World Language faculty consider the merits of each student who show extraordinary achievement throughout their course of study. For proficiency and excellent work in World Languages, including completing the Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture course, the Advanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture course, and Honors French 4, this award is presented to Vienne Warfel.




Arts Departmental Medal

Mr. Dennis Foreman, Theatre  


Arts Department Medal

The Arts Department at Linden Hall includes Visual Arts, Photography, Music, and Theater. If you’ve listened to concerts, watched performances, and gazed at the art and photography featured in our Lyet Gallery and online, you are aware that our students are incredibly gifted. As we considered our award, this year's recipient excels in several disciplines. She is a mentor to her Linden Hall sisters, a five-year participant in our Music Program, a section leader, soloist, member of Musea, and is always leading by example. She gives tirelessly to the Linden Hall Theater Program both onstage and by encouraging younger students. This year’s Arts Department Medal is presented to Lily Chow.


Anneliese Vidal Award

Ms. LuAnn Billett, Photography 


Anneliese Vidal Award

The Anneliese Vidal class of 1990 Photography Award is presented to a member of the senior class who has demonstrated a talent and passion for the art of photography. This year’s recipient of the Anneliese Vidal award is Synclaire Rocka Moragne. Congratulations, Rocka!


Bender Memorial Prize

Ms. Nora Workman, department chair 


Bender Memorial Prize

The Dr. Harry E. Bender Memorial Prize is given to that member of the graduating class who has done the best creative work in Studio Art. This year, Linden Hall is pleased to recognize Minh Sarah Truong with the Bender Memorial Prize. Congratulations, Sarah!


Lindy Award

Mr. Dennis Foreman, Theater 


Lindy Award

The Lindy Award was originally given by Jean McClintock, class of 1960, in honor of Pat Sullivan, who taught Drama at Linden Hall for over thirty years. The Lindy goes to that student who has made an outstanding accomplishment in Drama. This year, I am pleased to present the Lindy to Lillian Chow. Congratulations, Lily!


Myrtle Eckert Prize

Ms. Serena Heffner, Music 


Myrtle Eckert Prize

The Myrtle Eckert Prize is given in honor of Myrtle Eckert, class of 1902, who taught music at Linden Hall for many years and was an active alumna. This prize is awarded to the student who has made great contributions to the programs of the Music Department. This year’s recipient of the Myrtle Eckert Prize is Angelica Chen. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


The One to Watch

Ms. LuAnn Billett, Photography 


The One to Watch

In 2007, the One to Watch Photography Award was created as a way to recognize a 9th or 10th grade photography student who demonstrates an early talent and passion for photography. A student who takes each assignment above and beyond the basic parameters. A student whose photographs the community will want to keep an eye out for in the future. This year’s One to Watch is Mia Rossi.


The Pat Sullivan Award

Mr. Dennis Foreman 


The Pat Sullivan Award

The Patricia Sullivan Scholarship is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in theater arts at Linden Hall. The recipient must be a domestic student in good standing, and one who exemplifies the ideals of a Linden Hall girl.  This year's recipient has performed as a nun, a bombastic actor, she is a member of our ITS Troupe, and most recently, taken on one of Shakespeare’s greatest villains.  Congratulations Delaney Gable.




The Mimi Haubner Activities Award

Ms. Julia Parmakian, Athletic Director 


Mimi Haubner Activities Award

Mimi Haubner was a student, class of 1959, who died before her senior year. Her sister, Josephine Haubner Yocum, is still active in the Alumnae Association. This prize is awarded to that senior who has evidenced most outstandingly the ideals of good sportsmanship, both on the athletic field and in her general relationship with others. This year, the Mimi Haubner Activities Award is presented to Anu Mercy Ademusayo.


PIAA District III Fackler-Howler Sportsmanship Award

Ms. Julia Parmakian, Athletic Director 


PIAA District III Fackler-Hower Sportsmanship Award

The Fackler-Hower Sportsmanship medal is awarded by the PIAA District 3 to a senior student-athlete. The winner is the student-athlete who shows the most sportsman-like qualities throughout the year and possess exemplary citizenship. This year, the Fackler-Hower Sportsmanship medal goes to Lily Chow. Every tennis match she played this season, she was gracious and kind to her opponents and was an exemplary representation of our school and the athletics program. Thank you, Lily for being such a sportsman-like competiter all season.