Silver Three and Gold Four Awards



Ms. Beth Teske, Ms. Libby Caldwell, Ms. Natasha Solomon 

Silver Three and Gold Four awards are presented each year to students in the Middle School and Upper School, respectively, who are nominated by the faculty at Linden Hall. In comparison to their peers, the recipients of the Silver Three and Gold Four Awards stand out in the following areas: community service, with a strict requirement for recipients earning at least 25 hours in the Middle School and 40 in the Upper School annually; participation in co-curricular activities, with the expectation that as a student advances, her dedication and leadership will, too; exceptional character qualities, including being respectful, kind, and considerate; and leadership, whether in the classroom, on the playing field, or through student government or co-curricular leadership. Recipients will also be students in good standing, academically and socially. Students who are recognized with a Silver Three or Gold Four receive in their first year of acknowledgement a pin that can be worn on their graduation robes; in other years, students receive a certificate celebrating their inclusion on the list.  

The sole Middle School Silver Three recipient this year is:  

In the eighth grade: Dumebi Njoku 


Gold Four recipients this year are:  

In the ninth grade: Sara Holler 

In the tenth grade: Elsa Jin, Ava O’Brien, Chichi Ogbuebile, and Nour Tahiri 

In the eleventh grade: Manasbi Bista, Jesa Burleson, Delaney Gable, Jamora Jacobs, Rehema Karuri, and Sydney McMillin 

In the twelfth grade: Angelica Chen, Louise Lu, Kaylee Miller, Ahsa Sadhukhan, Emily Teng, and Iris Yoon