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Welcome to the 2021 Awards Ceremony


Welcome, everyone, to Linden Hall's online presentation of Awards for the 2020-2021 school year. Despite how difficult and challenging this school year has been, we are amazed every day by our students. Whether you receive an award today or not, know that you have done fantastic work this year and we are pleased to have been on this journey with you.

Please take some time to explore this site to see each video presentation and the recipients of awards.


If you are on campus or local, you may pick up your awards in Lyet Gallery immediately following the release of this website (4:00-5:00 on Wednesday, May 19) or after the Middle School Promotion Ceremony on Thursday, May 20. You can also pick up awards at the Reception Desk after those times.

If you are coming to campus from a distance, give us a heads-up that you are coming and we will have your awards ready for you. We can arrange a contactless pick-up if you like. Email us at the attendance line (attendance@lindenhall.org) when you're ready.

We'll reach out to you over the summer about other, alternate delivery options if needed.

Know that you have done well this year, everyone. 

We are proud of you and are glad for the opportunity to work with you.

Special thanks to LuAnn Billett, Natasha Solomon and Scott Teale for their help in creating this ceremony.