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Leadership Awards


Upper School Student Council


Mrs. Kara Oxenford, Upper School Student Council Advisor


Student Council is an organization made up of elected and appointed students who are hardworking leaders of this community. Linden Hall could not do what we do without Student Council. This year was unique, and I am so proud of the creative solutions that Student Council initiated.  


The highlights of this year were:  

  • International Night – the website was amazing  

  • The escape room – I still have the clouds in my classroom  

  • The positivity project – I feel more positive just thinking about all you accomplished  

  • The student spotlights – it was so fun to watch those interviews  

  • And being a consistent presence that both the students and faculty can rely on  


I would now like to read the names of all the underclass members and applaud their excellent work!  

  • 11thgrade: Kelsey Clodfelter, Daisy Paredes, Akosua Aboagye, Abi-Grace Savizon  

  • 10thgrade: Lily Rhoades, Mia Rossi, Maddy Moran  

  • 9thgrade: Naomi Cox, Siran Rao  


Linden Hall and I thank you for all your hard work and service. You Rock…  


Here are the awards our Officers and Senior Members of Student Council.  

  • Senior Members: Angelica Chen, Michelle Chi, Adelle Durand, Te-ojah Dennison-Morgan  

  • Treasurer – Diana Than  

  • Secretary – Rehema Karuri  

  • Vice President – Milly Chu  

  • 2020 President – Iris Yoon   


And finally, I am pleased to announce next year’s Officers of Student Council. These are the only awards given today that come directly from the student body. It is the responsibility of Student Council to both lead and be the voice of the students. I know that these newly elected officers will more than rise to the challenge. Linden Hall, I am pleased to present your 2021-2022 Student Council Officers.  


Treasure: ???  

Secretary: ???  

Vice President: ???  

President: ???  


Honor Council Recognition


Good day. I am happy to take a moment to recognize the service of the Linden Hall Honor council. Members of Honor Council are tasked with learning, practicing and teaching honorable actions to the other members of the school community. These leaders, elected by their peers in the spring of 2020, have tackled their challenge with empathy, selflessness and equity.   

Please join me in thanking the 2020-2021 Honor Council representatives:   

Ann Nguyen and Shirley Zhang  

Sydney McMillin   

Helen Lu   

And Kelsey McMillin.  

Each Honor Council member will receive a small certificate and pin for their service.  

At this time, I'd like to give particular recognition to the Honor Council's Senior members: Angelica Chen, Julie Park, Vienne Warfel, Lily Chow, Sara Truong, Iris Yoon, Ann Nguyen and Shirley Zhang.   

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with these young leaders and benefitted from their insights. For many years they have been the backbone of our council, wonderful partners to me and to their fellow Honor Council members. In gratitude for their work, each will receive a necklace commemorating their service. Councilors, I'd like to leave you with the words of renowned Professor Albus Dumbledore.   

"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices."   

I hope you will continue to let your good principles guide your choices.  


Student Ambassadors


Ms. Lauren Dennis, Director of Enrollment Management, with Ms. Anna Kreitzer, Assistant Director of Admission 


Linden Hall student ambassadors represent our student body through their interactions with prospective students and their families, and the wider world. This school year, our ambassadors led 12 virtual tours, participated in nine virtual admission events, and connected with over 35 newly admitted students. We would specifically like to thank Maya Planeta ’25 and Ahsa Sadhukhan ’21 for going above and beyond and collectively contributing over 15 hours of their time to the student ambassador program. With the help of our student ambassadors, the admissions office at Linden Hall continues to enroll more kind, passionate, and smart young women from around the world. Thank you, ladies, for contributing your time to this program! 

2020-2021 Student Ambassadors of Distinction: 

Ahsa Sadhukhan 

Maya Planeta 


2020-2021 Student Ambassadors of Merit: 

Naomi Cox 

Sadie Chow 

Elsa Jin 

Helen Lu 

Chichi Ogbuebile 

Mia Rossi 

Kelsey Clodfelter 

Rayana Henderson 

Jamora Jacobs 

Rehema Karuri 

Daisy Paredes 

Milly Chu 

Te-ojah Dennison-Morgan 

Amrita Khalsa 

Iris Yoon 

Elaine Warfel 

Lydia Malone 

Kathryn Meyer 

Lily Chow 

Vienne Warfel 


2020-2021 Student Ambassadors: 

Tanaka Tapfuma 

Adomah Danquah 

Halee Morrissey 

Siran Rao 

Ava O’Brien 

Lily Rhoades 

Evelina Sentypal 

Luna Kirby 

Brynn Lancelotta 

Su Lee 

Sydney McMillin 

Angelica Chen 

Louise Lu 

An Nguyen 

Julie Park 

Kristine Pham 

Minh Anh Phan 

Diana Than 

Shirley Zhang 


Class of 2015 Award for Outstanding Leadership


Ms. Natasha Solomon, Dean of Students 


Class of 2015 Award for Outstanding Leadership

This award is given by the faculty of Linden Hall to a girl who is a rising senior returning to Linden Hall who has exhibited exceptional leadership abilities throughout her time at Linden Hall, including transmitting her passion for leading to others through confidence in her abilities. By the overwhelming acclaim of the Linden Hall faculty, I am pleased to present this award to Su Lee.